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Aluminium and Plastic – packaging experts
We are passionate about blending technology and craftsmanship into producing, distributing and promoting quality packaging for beverages and food industry.

Plastic screw caps
We provide high quality screw caps for still wine, spirits, oils and vinegars, non-alcoholic and pharmaceutical products.

Our top of the line solution for wine provides controlled micro-oxygenation and guarantees organoleptic neutrality while maintaining the features of the wine, its aroma and flavour. In addition, this fitment eradicates the flavour of cork (bouchonné) and ensures 100% conservation of wines.

Aluminium screw caps
The screw caps are designed not only to ensure the preservation of the quality of the product, but also to prevent forgery, tampering and refilling. Furthermore, they are ideal for total customization.

Our broad portfolio of closures for oils and vingeras combine dispensing systems, anti-drip systems and a ROPP type aluminium fitment. This all forms an assembly that is fitted to the bottle using a screw-on capper.

We also provide completely customizable screw caps for non-alcoholic beverages and the pharma and parapharma sector, which require demanding hygiene and protection systems.