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Although our core business is centered around glass, we have carefully built a select network of closure providers. We make sure you get the best solution for your bottles.

Heat Shrink Caps

Our heat shrinkable PVC capsules are completely customizable and can be adapted with various opening mechanisms, heights, types of printing and tonality including metallic and satin colors.

Their adaptability makes them ideal for many types of bottles, like those for wine, liquor, grappa, beer, salad oil, and vinegar. We can reach diameters and heights beyond the standard, and produce without top disks or with a top disk in PVC.

Polyaminate Capsules

To give your wine bottles a finish reminiscent of antique elegance, we propose the classic tin capsule, now created with new technologies and materials.

Choose between heavy polylaminated aluminum Futura capsules and the new Poly-tin capsules, that adds a modern appearance. The versatility of these capsules permits conveying more personal character with logos and text printed on them.

Champagne Hoods

They provide an elegant cover to your mushroom cork & wire hood closure.
Our hoods are available in various dimensions as to fit a variety of bottle styles, from the wide-necked magnum bottles to the narrower necks on prosecco bottles. Fit to the specific needs of your package, sparkling hoods imply a superior, refined and elegant product.

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