Safe & Sound

Although our core business is centered around glass, we have carefully built a select network of closure providers. We make sure you get the best solution for your bottles.

Natural Corks

Made of first-quality natural cork, their performance is further ensured by TCA treatment, which prevents any “cork taint”.

Champagne Corks

Our sparkling-wine corks are focused on perfecting the grip of the cork and the preservation of sparkling wines.

Micro-Granular Corks

The conformation of these corks, which are marked by absolute homogeneity, guarantees the greatest compactness and conveys an appealingly natural appearance and colour.

Aluminium Screw Caps

Our broad portfolio of closures combine dispensing systems, anti-drip systems and a ROPP type aluminium fitment. This all forms an assembly that is fitted to the bottle using a screw-on capper.

Plastic Screw Caps

Our top of the line solution for wine provides controlled micro-oxygenation and guarantees organoleptic neutrality while maintaining the features of the wine, its aroma and flavour. In addition, this fitment eradicates the flavour of cork (bouchonné) and ensures 100% conservation of wines.

Special Closures

Our special closures range offers a wide selection of shapes suitable for bottles from 5 to 450 cl. Our stoppers are a must for the most premium products and can be customized through embossing, debossing, tampo-printing, hot foil. Any colours, metallizations and lacquerings are possible. The tops can be weighted to make a heavy feeling.

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