Aging well

 Where we deposit our drinks to mature is very important. From the heart of the Cognac region, we bring you the perfect barrels to enhance the unique character of wines and spirits.

Wine Barrels

Combining modernity and femininity our wine collection enhances your blends by revealing a perfect harmony between wine and wood.

Our selection of staves combined with our expertise gives you the opportunity to customize your barrels. Together, we study the selection of grain, the toast’s aromatic pallet that will give the most balance, and the design of your barrel.


Respectful, round, well-balanced, subtle.
9 to 18 months ageing
225L, 228L, 300L
Natural air drying process in our wood yard.
The perfect match of wood with toast.


Built to accompany great wines.
12 to 24 months ageing
225L to 500L
Long drying process in our wood yard.
Suitable for a wide range of grape varieties.

Spirit Barrels

We meticulously select our wood to extract the very best from our blends. Every barrel in our collection, combined with the right toast, will enhance your spirits’ character, while still respecting their finesse and identity.

Our barrels are crafted to combine power, aromatic intensity and finesse, allowing the intrinsic character of the spirit to be revealed.

The toasting is an essential step in the production process. It allows the bending of the barrel, and it is from the control of this operation that the durability of our barrels will depend on. The “bousinage” will then reveal the oak’s aromatic pallet. The cooper must give its typicality to each barrel by reproducing a precise toasting profile. He has to use his experience, by controlling the temperature of the fire and the heating time.



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