Inspire & be inspired!

Great things happen when good people work together. This is why we’ve built a culture that aims at a continuous professional and personal growth. We truly believe we’re only as good as the people we have around us.

We’re in the business of glass.

It’s a trade that’s been around for thousands of years. Yet, its future is as bright as ever. Especially in a world where we must take better care of our environment.

Open Roles


Let’s find the best solutions for our client’s needs


Let’s help people grow


Let’s create products that stand out


Let’s build our brand

Administrative Support

Let’s make sure everything is working as intended

How about...?

The job list is incomplete. If you don’t see your area of expertise here, don’t feel disappointed. We’re always looking for great talent or people with many years of professional experience. Reach out!

At the office

You can expect a modern and elegant workspace, fully equipped for your specific role. If you are new, ample support will be offered to make sure the integration process runs smoothly.

Apart from our day to day activities, we take our time and talk to each other. We value diversity and like to see what each person can bring to the table.  

And of course, last but not least, we do have fun 🙂

Let’s meet!

Most of the time your CV can’t really capture your personality. And we’re really interested in that also. So let’s grab a coffee and talk!