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Screen Printing

We use UV inks, ceramic and organic inks to decorate glass containers, which give bottles a high quality and individual look. Screen printing can be combined with all decoration methods available in our company in aim to achieve a more unconventional effect.


We can coat the whole bottle or only its specific part with one or more colors. Special lacquers make the product shine in UV light and give bottles a “pearl effect”. 

Hot Stamping 

With its magnificent shine, hot stamping attracts potential buyers. Whether it is a discreet element or a bigger part of the decoration, this technique will undoubtedly make the final product stylish and chic. It gives an exceptional metallic look and emphasizes the uniqueness of the brand. This decoration technique can be used for glass containers coated with water-based lacquers.

Acid Etching

Acid etching is a chemical process whereby the outer layers of a glass container are removed to give the bottle an opaque, frosted appearance, with a stunningly smooth finish. This technique combined with ceramic, gold, or platinum prints gives a subtle and elegant look for the final product

Ink Jet

Ink jet technology is a big step in the future! It is changing the way of designing new decorations. It allows for precise printing on concave, convex, on engraved surfaces, and on other complicated shapes of bottles. The technology also provides the possibility of applying real photographic images. This is a decorating technique that gives the product an exceptional look.

Precious Metals

Thermoplastic gold and platinum pastes are used for direct screen printing. The amount of precious metal in the content is up to 12%, and can be applied on clear or frosted glass. The spectacular brightness, produced by this technique, is a key to successful branding.

Laser Etching

This technique allows distinctive patterns to be etched onto the metallized surface. It is possible to laser-etch on the base and neck of bottles, or on raised, uneven surfaces. By lighting the cut-off surfaces this can give the bottle an incredible and very unique look.


Metallization, transparent, or opaque effects allow us to create an upmarket package, with an individual look. The eye-catching decoration effects highlight the uniqueness of each product. Thanks to a variety of available colours, we meet our clients’ expectations

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